What kind of information can you find on the box of an Avide product?

In short, all those pieces of technical information can be found on the boxes that may be important for an end user. Read this article to learn what these data and signs exactly mean.  It is important to note that there are variations in color for different  color temperatures and differences in size for the different types of light sources; however, the arrangement of the data indicated is the same in most cases. 



Being aware of these pieces of information, even an average user can easily distinguish between two light sources that look similar but differ in their color temperature.

There is only a slight difference in color between the boxes of the Avide warm white (WW) and extra warm white (EW) bulb lights, besides this a small symbol/text indicates the difference at 4 places. One of the distinguishing marks in the case of EW lightbulbs  is the color temperature value, which is “only” 2700 K, while in the case of WW it is 3000K. Besides this, at two places a “sun” symbol also indicates that it can provide warmer light than a WW lightbulb.

There is also a slight difference between the boxes of dimmable and regular LED lights. If a particular LED light source has a dimming function, this is indicated on the box at several places by the “dimmable” label.



As also mentioned in the article titled “What is color temperature?”, the boxes of Avide products clearly indicate the relevant color temperature, however, in our ever-extending product range there are now also lamps with variable color temperature.

  • red: extra-warm white
  • dark red: warm white
  • orange: neutral white
  • blue: cool white
  • white (with tri-mode label): variable color temperature