Avide infra bulbs

The special bulbs can be used for industrial purposes as they are suitable for keeping smaller stalls and barns warm.
Several light bulbs can be placed in one room so low-light infra-red radiation can provide constant, gentle and pleasant warmth to the animals. In addition, they can be used in homes with pets and built into terrariums. When keeping reptiles, you should always pay attention to the body temperature of the animals which can also be done easily with Avide infrared bulbs.

The bulbs can also be used in infrared lamps for health and personal care. These devices are suitable for curing muscle ailments and sports injuries. Infrared heat therapy has been proved to accelerate the healing of various sports injuries and non-infected wounds, and in many cases to relieve pain quickly and effectively.

These products contain no Teflon, no fluoride-containing fumes, no mercury vapor, no toxic substances. Avide is the safest brand on the market. In all cases, the bulbs must only be used securely and safely installed. NEVER place the bulb directly on the head or on any other part of the body. Due to the professional design, Avide infrared bulbs are durable, have long lifespan and good quality. Their lifetime can be up to 5000 hours.

Avide special infrared bulbs are available in three different wattages and in clean, red-top or full-red versions.