Avide rechargeable floodlights

Due to their practical size and portability, Avide rechargeable floodlights can ideally be used in locations without power supply.

It can be of great help on various construction sites, in garages, hobby gardens, warehouses, camping sites, or even on cave tours. The device is equipped with the latest COB LED chips. The heat transfer of COB chips has been improved, making them much longer lasting than previous models. In addition, they also focus more on light, so their overall light output is better and they can illuminate over a greater distance. Due to this technology, Avide LED floodlights provide up to 20 times longer lifetime than their conventional bulb-mounted counterparts.

The light of the LED lights is brighter or more beautifully reflected on almost every surface, and the colors on the illuminated surface also appear much more lifelike than those of the traditional reflectors. Lamps can last up to 25,000 hours with proper use. Due to its low power consumption, the battery has a long life and therefore the weight of the product is low. The battery can be fully charged in 3-4 hours (depending on the model) and can light up to 5 hours on a full charge (depending on the amount of light you set).

The luminous intensity of the floodlights is adjustable in two stages (50%, 100%) and the headlamps can be tilted and secured with a durable, metal, non-slip rubber base so that the light emitted can be focused in any direction. Due to their IP65 rating, the lamps are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. ("6" indicates that the lamp is completely closed and protected against solids, while "5" indicates that the device is protected against low-pressure water jets.)
Never look directly into the light when operating the floodlights as this may cause damage.

Avide rechargeable floodlights are available in natural white (NW) and cold white (CW) color temperatures and in 10W and 20W. All product variants come with a 3 year warranty.